Ease Into Tech

with Zee

Hi, I'm Zee!

I am the Tech Fairy who helps those having tech issues with their WordPress websites. 

How can I help you?

Book a call with me, Zee Tech Fairy. Let me help you with your WordPress website tech issue through a video call. 

If you are unsure, come and chat with me.

Please Note: Prices is in US Dollars

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Zee, the Tech Fairy is indeed a fairy!
I got to know about Zee when I happen to view Aisha Preece's Instagram Story on Zee's website tech services. For a long time, I wanted to move away from wordpress dot com because it was too costly for me. So I engaged Zee to help/guide me to migrate my website.
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Aisha K.
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Zee is absolutely amazing. I had such a hard time with my website, codes and G4 migration for weeks but Zee fixed all of those issues. I highly recommend zee for all your tech needs. She takes time to understand the issue via video call, she's communicative and very receptive. She definitely deserves the title Tech fairy because that's what she does.
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I am super grateful to know of tech consultations like tech fairy. If you need help with your website pronto and your host provider couldn't help you (because that is beyond their scope) and want to skip hours of looking through forums and youtube videos to figure out tech jargons, definitely book a call with zee, she's very accommodating and friendly.
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Zee is the absolute BEST!!! She cleared up my confusion with all of my Google Search Console questions in less than 30 minutes. She is very knowledgable, patient, and diligent! HIGHLY recommend Thank you again Zee!
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Zee is a saviour when it comes to anything WordPress. She's absolutely easy to work with, understands your tech issues and provide solutions accordingly. Engage Zee for your tech-related needs as you focus on your website. It saves loads of time.