Ease Into Tech

with Zee

Hello! My name is Zee!

I have been an avid WordPress user since its early days. I started using WordPress to build clients’ websites in the early 2010s. When Elementor came into the market, I picked it up early. It has helped me build many clients’ websites much efficiently. 

I was running a business, PlayPause – a brand design boutique agency, with my husband. We had started PlayPause even before we were married. After 2 decades of PlayPause, both Wan – my husband, and I were getting jaded. 

The pandemic changed a lot of “norms” and it definitely shook my world. 

May 2020, was when I lost my mother-in-law. A week later, I first learnt from Aisha Preece through her online workshop on Financial Health. We became acquainted after I followed her through Instagram. 

Our online friendship blossomed as I learnt more from Aisha through her online classes such as SEO blog writing and Triple Your Traffic. I helped her with her website technical issues from time to time. It was only in March 2023 that an idea came to me. 

When I shared it with Aisha, she asked what I would call it and mentioned “tech fairy membership”. 

And that was how the name Tech Fairy came to be for me. 

I have Aisha to thank for pushing me. In this message screenshot, you only see the second “Start as you are”. She has always urged me to start where I am and with what I have. 

Since launching my Tech Fairy service in May 2023, I have been able to help more than 20 people in just 3 months. 

With EaseInto.Tech, I hope to help more people to be at ease with tech – specifically WordPress websites. 

If you are having WordPress website issues, do chat with me through Instagram before you get any of my services

If you would like to know more about me, you can go through my personal website.

Zee with Aisha at Passion to Profits workshop held in Groovitiam in TTDI, Malaysia (July 2023).