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Website VS Facebook Page: Which Is Better? (2023)

If you are still asking the question “Which is better – Website vs Facebook Page?” – let me help you with the TLDR answer. 

Having your own website is definitely better in the battle of Facebook vs Website. 

A lot of businesses started with having only a Facebook page instead of a website. Some 10 years ago, I remember sitting in a networking session of experienced entrepreneurs where someone asked why they needed a website vs Facebook page. 

In this digital age and the rising social media usage, people may think that a Facebook page is superior to having a website. But who owns Facebook? Not you. However, you have full ownership of your own website.

You do not need to have a business, product, or service to have your own website. You can start by just writing! Read on to find out more (or if you prefer the TLDR of how you can make money by having a website). 

Here are 7 criteria for you to decide between Website VS Facebook Page – Which is really better?

1. Ownership 
2. Design Freedom
3. Credible
4. Contact Options
5. SEO
6. Minimal Spending
7. Make Money

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1. Ownership

You own your website – for as long as you pay for the hosting. A Facebook Page is still owned and bound to the rules of Meta. 

Your website is like your own apartment. You pay the lease and “live” there for as long as you want to own your digital real estate. Your domain and web hosts can make changes to their policies, but you can always take your website to other hosts. 

Meta (Facebook parent company) has changed its policies so many times that now posts from a Facebook Page may not be as visible as before, even if you were to share them on your news feed. 

You have absolute control over your website – the content you want and how it looks. If you are running a business and asking the question: Facebook business Page VS website: which is better – this should already be a decision-breaker.

2. Design Freedom

With your own website, you decide how it looks and what you want your visitors to see – your brand or the product or service you offer. Your brand’s design will delight your visitors. This is a great advantage compared to Facebook where visitors can get distracted and move away from your Page quickly. 

With Facebook Page, yours looks the same as many others. The header image at the top, followed by your logo, and then visitors need to scroll or find information from the many posts you already have. 

Every now and then, if you feel the need to change the look and feel of your website, you have the creative and design freedom to change it. Between website or Facebook page, you have more design freedom with your own website. 

3. Credible

Your own website is like a listing of companies within a directory. People can easily Google your website. It establishes the fact that you took the effort to put you or your company out there in the wild web world. 

Visitors to your site will be able to relate to your content. For businesses, existing clients who would want to refer your products or services to potential clients will find it easier to pass your website link, rather than having to find your name card. 

Establishing a web presence for your business these days is like having a legit listing in the Yellow Pages of yesteryears! This is a win to compare having your company’s website vs Facebook page for business. 

4. Contact Options

You can have limited details or offer a variety of ways for visitors to your website to contact you. In this noisy digital world, we are often connected through text on WhatsApp or long proposals via email. More often than not, consumers would prefer a quick touch point for the answer to their query. 

Some prefer to slide a DM (Direct Messaging) through their social media apps, while some prefer to write a formal greeting. You may list all points where one can contact you or your business on your website. 

While Facebook Page limits contact only within the comments and Messenger, you may list other ways, including an online form for your visitors to reach out to you. 

5. SEO

While SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a whole different life on its own, you should take note of how it can help you. People who Google for solutions or answers can land on your website if you play the SEO game. This is especially exciting if you are offering a product or service that has pegged itself to specific keywords. 

If you are only having a Facebook page, you will not be able to reap the benefits of SEO from a website. 

Also, do you know that if you play SEO game well, your website can make money for you while you sleep? (Skip to point 7!)

6. Minimal Spending

Can we agree that we would rather spend less and earn more? 

For a Facebook Page to do well, these days you will need to run ads to get more visibility of its page and the products/services it offers. 

But for a website, you only need to pay for your hosting. Your website may be an online store that sells directly to your clients or consumers. Hosting can be paid monthly or yearly. Web hosts offer cheaper yearly rates than monthly. 

I always take advantage of the yearly rate (approximately US$150) as it allows me to be worry-free about the monthly deductibles. 

7. Make Money

Your website can make money for you, even while you sleep. This is the best passive income in my personal opinion. In the past 20 years of my adulthood, I have had many marketers coming to me with the “dream passive income” offers. 

The only way for you to earn without having to benefit an “upline” is by having your own website, equipped with SEO. 

I learned this from Aisha Preece whom I’ve had the honor of being her mentee. As simple as blogging on your own website can make you decent money

This is definitely something a Facebook Page cannot do. That’s another plus point to pitting Facebook page vs website where having your own website wins!


Do I need a website if I have a Facebook page?

Yes, you do need a website. If you are either running a business or marketing your personal brand, having a website will increase your credibility and trust. You have full control over your own website.

However, a Facebook page can always be deactivated by the platform without providing any reason. 

Which is better Facebook page or website?

Having your own website is better than a Facebook page. You have absolute control over your website – the content you want and how it looks. A Facebook page looks the same for all other businesses. 

Besides having full control over your own website, you can monetize your website too. Make your digital real estate work for you!

Can a Facebook page replace a website?

No, a Facebook page cannot replace a website. Meta owns the content within Facebook and that includes your Facebook page. If Meta decides to shut down its Facebook platform, it can do so any time and you will lose the page. 

However, if you have your own website, visitors can still view your content for as long as you have your website online.  

How to convert Facebook page to website?

You cannot convert Facebook page to website. You may however link your domain name to your Facebook page through a redirect. For example, if someone goes to your website.com, the page will be redirected and will show your Facebook page instead. 


In this article of Website VS Facebook Page, I hope you get to see why you should have your own website although you already have a Facebook Page. Having the two hand in hand will work for your marketing needs. 

However, even if you do not have a service or product to market, having your own website is still far more advantageous than having only a Facebook Page.

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