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How To Change Your Website Metadata

Have you shared your link through any chat platform and wondered how you can change your website metadata? Whether you want to share your website through WhatsApp, Telegram or Instagram, you will notice the “preview” of your website information.

This is an example of mine before I updated the metadata and image to the one below. 

What Do You Need To Change Your Metadata?

I rely heavily on YoastSEO plugin to show the metadata that I want. 

Once you have installed YoastSEO plugin, you are ready to edit your metadata for your website!

Changing Your Metadata

1. In the Pages list, click on Edit on your Front Page

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you see Yoast SEO and the Google preview

You may switch the Preview for Mobile result or Desktop result to see how your metadata will appear. 

The SEO title is where you can switch the Blue title. Start your text with % and you will see the available options. 

The example here is %Title will appear as the title of my page, i.e. WordPress Website Techie.

The Meta description is where your desired text should be in. 

3. Changing the Image That Goes Together With Your Metadata

Usually, the Front Page of a WordPress website does not have a featured image. But for the purpose of having an image to go along with your metadata, you can upload the photo or logo you wish to show up. 

On the right sidebar in the Page option, scroll to the Featured Image portion. 

Create an image or logo within a square, e.g. 500px by 500px.

Once you’ve done the changes to the Meta description and the Featured Image, remember to click on the Publish button!

Give it a few minutes before it shows the correct metadata like mine below!

Example on the left is from Telegram, and the one on the right is from WhatsApp.

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